Vision: To identify, empower, and support fathers in their role as community leaders, change agents, and values-driven social influencers, within their families, homes, and surrounding communities.

Mission: To build paternal leaders—of every faith, race, color, creed, and background—who advocate for policies, resources, and societal changes, which underscore the crucial role of fathers, in the home, and across the broader community.

Our Goals and Objective

Raise Awareness: Increase public awareness around the importance of involved and responsible fatherhood, dispel stereotypes, and promote positive examples of engaged fatherhood.

Policy Advocacy: Advocate for policies, which address statistical trends regarding fatherless homes, support the role of paternal leadership, and prioritize family values.

Support Networks: Establish support networks and resources for fathers, including peer support groups, mentorship programs, and access to information on paternal political involvement and public policy development.

Community Engagement: Foster community engagement by organizing events, campaigns, and initiatives, which involve fathers, promote father-child activities, and encourage community support for involved fatherhood.

Outreach & Communication

Website and Social Media: Maintain an informative and interactive website and active social media presence, in order to share resources, promote events, build community, and enact social change.

Public Events: Organize public events such as workshops, seminars, conferences, and
awareness campaigns to engage fathers, families, and the wider community.

Media Engagement: Collaborate with regional and national media outlets to share positive stories of modern-day fathers, provide expert commentary on fatherhood-related issues, and contribute to public dialogue on fatherhood.

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